• Price: $9.99
  • Version: 2.5.3
  • Release Date: 7/23/2014
  • Size: 7.76 MB
  • Genre: Developer Tools
  • Release Notes: - Fixed a bug where changing preferences might cause crash Recent Updates: - Added an inspector that shows details of a flow. - Now you can edit and replay existing requests. - Or composing new requests. - Fixed a HTTPS related issue. - UX improvements.
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Proxie: HTTP debugging proxy

by Chi Wang

Proxie is a HTTP debugging proxy for macOS. ---How does it work?--- Proxie puts a proxy between HTTP clients and the Internet. All HTTP traffic will go through Proxie and be available for inspection after the proxy settings are configured properly on your devices. ---Features--- •Any Platform - Proxie records all HTTP traffic from any Mac, Windows PC, Linux and mobile devices. •Body Viewers - Proxie chooses the proper viewers to make it intuitive to inspect body data. •HTTPS Support - Proxie uses man-in-the-middle interception to reveal HTTPS traffic. •WebSocket Support - Proxie understands websocket traffic and renders it like a chat interface.