• Price: $1.99
  • Version: 1.3
  • Release Date: 7/30/2013
  • Size: 0.57 MB
  • Genre: Developer Tools Graphics & Design
  • Release Notes: • Measure in Pixels or Points (Preference). • Recent Measurements in status bar menu. Select one to copy. • Automatically copy last measurement to your clipboard (Preference). • Clicking can now toggle between measuring and guides (Preference). • Show Euclid from the status bar menu. • More accurate zoom window. • Better multi-screen support. • New status bar icon.
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by Nicholas Jensen

Euclid is a screen ruler app for the perfectionist developer/designer. Set a global hotkey to trigger Euclid and turn your mouse into crosshairs. Click and drag to quickly measure anything on your screen *without* accidentally taking a screenshot. Features: Global Hot Key. Trigger Euclid at any time with Command + Shift + 2, this hotkey can be changed in Preferences. Crosshairs. When Euclid is triggered your mouse will be turned into fullscreen crosshairs. Use these to make sure that anything you're working on lines up perfectly. The color of the crosshairs can be changed in Preferences. Pixel or Point Measuring. Click and drag to quickly and accurately measure anything that is on your screen. Let go of your mouse or hit Escape to dismiss Euclid so you can get back to work! Arrow keys can be used to move crosshairs and measurements by 1 pt or 1 px for increased precision. Zoom Window. For the true perfectionist. Euclid will show you a 10x zoomed area, when activated, so you can see precisely where your cursor is. This feature can be turned off in preferences. Copy to Clipboard. A list of recent measurements can be found in the status bar menu, select one to copy it. You can also automatically copy the last measurement to your clipboard in Preferences. Supports Retina display. Supports Multiple displays. -- For support & feature requests, email info@euclidapp.com