• Price: $9.99
  • Version: 2.2.3
  • Release Date: 12/22/2011
  • Size: 15.03 MB
  • Genre: Developer Tools Graphics & Design
  • Release Notes: - better app game kit support (export filenames) - new option: draw space char (especially useful for app game kit) - fixed the 'space width' parameter (was incorrectly loaded form a saved project)
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by Stéphane QUERAUD

bmGlyph - bitmap font generator. bmGlyph is a tool which allow you to create nice bitmap fonts and use it in your game or application. (a bitmap font generator with a font atlas). Multiple resolution export with the same project, and support most of all frameworks including SpriteKit. Main Features: - Shaded material, color, glossy, gradient, or even import your own texture. - Builtin textures - Select fonts from your system or import any font file. - Font replacement for the missing characters - Cast Shadow with custom color and opacity. Inner or Outer shadow. - Stroke with desired color / gradient and width. Inner, Outer or Center stroke. Miter/Round/Bevel style. - Miter adjustment - Work on selected glyphs only allows you to change the color or texture of each glyph. - Preview mode: see how it render on different screens, or import (drag&drop) your own background. - Customizable publish settings: add as much as targets as you want (ipadhd, ipad, iphone retina ...), customize all the parameters (suffixes, scale etc...) - AutoSize: finds the best texture size automatically. - Export the preview text as a PNG file. - Kerning support - Hundreds of charset presets - Bounding box adjustment & preview - Fixed width - Align on grid, and same bounding box height - Configuration wizard - SpriteBuilder support - zoom in texture and preview mode - iPhone 6 resolution support Once published, the bitmap and the atlas font file can be used with the most famous game framework: spritekit, cocos2d, corona, sparrow, unity/ezgui... (bmfont format, xml) Stop wasting your time designing yourself your text or creating multilangages version of the same button: start using bmGlyph !