• Price: $7.99
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Release Date: 12/7/2011
  • Size: 17.7 MB
  • Genre: Sports Productivity
  • Release Notes: * Visual tweak: displays now look inset into the window Love VirtuaScore Volleyball? Be sure to rate in on the App Store! You can also visit http://facebook.com/BlackwoodApps for the latest news on all VirtuaScore apps.
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VirtuaScore Volleyball

by Austin Blackwood

VirtuaScore Volleyball is a virtual volleyball scoreboard app. It's full array of displays, simple interface, and customization options make it an ideal solution for school sports teams and independent sports organizations looking for an affordable alternative to hardware scoreboards. CONTROL VirtuaScore Volleyball features three modes of control: the simple floating control panel, menu controls, and keyboard shortcuts. Undo and redo support means no fumbling around if you should make a mistake during the game. CUSTOMIZATION VirtuaScore Volleyball boasts plenty of customizable options. Change team names and set home and away graphics to make the scoreboard your own. Pick from a palette of 25 colors for each of the five groups of displays - Points, Time, Sets Won, Serving Team, and Sets. Even change the look of the displays with either digital segments or glass bulbs! DESIGN VirtuaScore Volleyball is designed to be easy to use, easy to read, and great-looking. Highly visible glass-style displays set in brushed aluminum give the scoreboard a high-tech feel that is right at home on the Mac. Careful attention has been paid to every detail of the graphics - right down to the reflections on the glass bulbs. DISPLAYS * Points for Home and Away * Time (for timeouts) * Sets Won for Home and Away * Serving Team indicators * Scores for up to four previous sets MORE FEATURES * Snow Leopard and Lion compatible * Fullscreen mode * Scoreboard resumes just as it was left * Save customization settings as presets * Export and import scoreboard documents to save scores * Suitable for any monitor size, including projectors * Install on any Mac with the Mac App Store * Hide and show the control panel * Manual entry window to set the value of all displays * Optional buzzer sound for clock